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Lifetime warranty

Single-branch stirrup with shock absorber

Due to its unique shape, which ensures robustness and durability, the ELLIPSE stirrup combines all the key qualities in terms of safety, comfort and design in a single model. 

Safety is ensured by the open outer branch, which allows the foot to be released in the event of a fall, and by the absence of weak points (internal metal reinforcement in a “C” shape makes it unbreakable).

Comfort is optimised by the wide tread with shock absorber that tilts backwards to allow the foot to move naturally. This unique system releases tension in knees and joints. The metal spikes offer enhanced grip at all times.

And finally, its innovative, contemporary design focussed on safety is available in all Compositi colours. Interchangeable eyelets give the choice between classic or perpendicular stirrup positions.

Both classic and  perpendicular eylets are provided in the box with the stirrups.

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Made in Belgium


  • Proven
  • Not suitable for children under age 12


  • Pliable, open outer branch that allows the foot to be released in the event of a fall
  • Wide tread with shock absorber
  • PRO ultra-grip treads with metal spikes (not interchangeable)
  • 2 sets of eyelets supplied with each pair of stirrups (classic or perpendicular position)
  • Stable and perfectly balanced stirrup
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resistant to impact and humidity, even at very low temperatures
  • Very high tensile strength due to the technical polymer and the unbreakable metal inner reinforcement, with a lifetime guarantee 
Download the ELLIPSE manual


Very high tensile strength due to the technical polymer and the unbreakable metal inner reinforcement, with a lifetime guarantee


Authorised by FEI in international Competitions

  • 2-year warranty against defects.
  • The warranty is invalidated in the event of modification of the stirrups, inappropriate use or damage.
  • The warranty is also invalidated in the case of poor maintenance by the customer, use of unsuitable and/or corrosive maintenance products and in the event of intervention by the customer on the product (disassembly, modification).
  • Normal wear and tear on wearing parts, scratches and discoloration due to excessive exposure to sunlight are also excluded from the warranty.
  • We recommend replacing this product after 5 years to ensure safety and comfort.
  • Lifetime warranty on the insert (unbreakable)
  • How can you tell the difference between the left and right stirrup?
    It's very simple, the letters "R" (right) and "L" (left) are engraved on the inside of the flexible branch which must always be on the outside of the foot. Be careful, there is also a direction (front/back) to pay attention to. The wide treads have a chamfer (bevelled area) on the side where you put your foot in, to find the right position naturally and take full advantage of the shock absorber
  • It is an unusual shape! What is the part under the tread for?
    To ensure the safety of the rider with a single-piece polymer branch, an insert (reinforcement) needs to be embedded in it. Our studies in material strength show that the shape of the insert plays a major role and it’s essential to avoid corners which create real points of weakness. For this reason, we have developed and patented a stainless steel insert with this particular "C" shaped line that acts as a flexible arc without any weak points, making it unbreakable. In addition to its high resistance to stress, the insert provides maximum support from the tread to its tip, where the stress is felt most.
  • How do you fit the eyelets on the Ellipse stirrups?
    To distinguish the right from the left stirrup, the letters "R" (right) and "L" (left) have been engraved on the supple branch of the stirrup. Similarly, you’ll find the letters "R" and "L" engraved on the flat part of the eyelets. In summary: The "R + R" eyelets fit with the flexible branch "R" and the "L + L" eyelets fit with the flexible branch "L"
  • Are the treads interchangeable?
    As with all our stirrups equipped with the shock absorbing system, the Ellipse soles are not interchangeable. They are available in 2 versions: either in SOFT for maximum comfort, or in PRO for ultra grip with stainless steel spikes. Our fixing system has been designed to guarantee the durability of the product and optimal safety for the rider
  • Are both eyelet types supplied with each pair of stirrups?
    Yes, that's right. The stirrups are fitted as standard with the eyelets open (45° to the stirrups) and you can, if you wish, replace them with conventional eyelets supplied in the box along with an Allen key

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